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We Are
P.A.T.H: Professionals Against Trafficking Humans

We are dedicated to the education of United States citizens regarding Human Trafficking and the steps that each of us can take to end it within Pennsylvania.

About the Project

P.A.T.H: Professionals Against Trafficking Humans is a United States-based nonprofit organization involved in partnering with community leaders and law enforcement to raise awareness of human trafficking and educate our citizens on the victims of sex and labor trafficking within Pennsylvania with a focus on women and children.  Our wider goal is the elimination of human trafficking world-wide. The group was founded in 2022 in Monongahela, PA, by Mark D. Whitmer and Michael S. Whitmer.

The Hard Truth


Human Trafficking offenses have been filed between 2019-2021.


Human Trafficking cases have been filled in the last five years.

1 IN 7

"In 2018, one in seven children who were reported missing were child sex trafficking victims. The average age a child is forced into sex slavery is 12 years old with the average life expectancy of a trafficking victim being seven years from the day they were trafficked." Rep. David Rowe
85th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Annual Report

We are just starting out; however, once our first year is concluded it will be available to you all via the link below.

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